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Joe Salas

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Don Murdoch

   I first met Joe in Oct. of  '61 when he moved to Woodland from Merced.  We were enemies as we were vying for the same position on the basketball team.  A month later, we were close friends.  We both lost that position to Bing.  We had a few beers together and double-dated.  We spent many days together.  When his Mom's car was unavailable for school, I got up early and drove to Yolo to bring him to school.

   After we graduated, Joe's Mom moved back to Merced but Joe didn't want to leave Woodland.  I talked my parents into allowing Joe to live with us through the summer.  He worked as a box boy at Stop'n'Shop and gave my parents a few dollars for food.  When I left for college in Sept. '62, Dale Lackey took in Joe until Joe could join the Navy.  Joe joined the Navy in October.  I saw him the night before he left for San Diego for 'boot camp'.  That's the last time I saw him.  In May of '63, he died aboard ship in a tragic accident.

    For those of you who didn't know Joe, you missed out on a super nice guy who would do anything for a friend.  Joe Salas, great guy, great friend and I miss him.  "vaya con Dios, mi amigo".



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